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Professional Health Services offers an endless option of programs custom-designed for your needs and budget.

Design a program for you by selecting the options you are interested in.

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Medical Screening:
Comprehensive Health History Questionnaire
Chest X-Ray: PA, Lateral, Right/Left Oblique
Pulmonary Function
Vision Screening
Hearing Test
Resting Cardiogram
Vital Signs

Blood & Urine Screening, including: Blood Chemistries, CBC, Urinalysis, Infectious Disease Screens, Cancer Screens, Heavy Metals Screens, and more…

Comprehensive Hands-on Physical Examination (Includes)

  Annual Respirator Medical Evaluation
  Fitness For Duty Assessments
  Medical Referrals
  Respirator Fit Testing
Wellness Programs:
Health Risk Appraisal Questionnaire
Lifestyle Assessments
Biometric Screening
Guaiac Stool Screen (Colon Cancer Screening)
Trend Analysis
Personal Wellness and Health Coaching
Annual Fitness Evaluations:
Aerobic Capacity – Sub Maximal Stress Test (Gerkin Protocol)
Muscular Endurance & Strength (Arms & Legs)
Flexibility Measurements (Shoulder, Trunk, & Legs)
Body Fat Composition & BMI
Exercise Prescriptions
Records Management and Reporting Services:
HIPAA-compliant Reporting
Web-based Reporting
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