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Programs Designed For Public Safety Professionals!
Professional Health Services works directly with fire departments, police and other public safety agencies to provide required health testing programs as well as fitness and wellness assessments.   We bring a health care delivery system to your department to work individually with each and every one of your team members.  Our goal is to create a community committed to increased health and wellness for our public servants. 
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We’re The Wellness And Compliance Experts!
Professional Health Services has a combined over 100 years of experience managing health testing and wellness programs for customers.  We have expert Program Designers to build each and every client the program that is best for them.
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Flexible Scheduling And Logistics!
We assign a Logistics Manager to every customer’s program to make sure our services match the flexibility and schedule you require.  We also supply a Customized Pre-Test Prep Kit to every customer. This kit includes information to help your employees prepare for the day: templates aid managers in efficiently scheduling individual employee appointment times and additional information lets everyone know what to expect before, during and after your program takes place. 
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We Travel To You!
Professional Health Services provides on-site units that travel to your individual plants.  Your employees don’t have to leave the site and the logistics of getting everyone tested becomes our work, not yours! 
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Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Reporting!
We provide detailed reports for individual employees and HIPAA-compliant management summary reports.  When you become a client of Professional Health Services, your records are catalogued and secured by us.  We maintain records for repeated programs, allowing you to view long-term trend results that show improvements or declines over time. We also maintain records in compliance with government regulations.
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