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Nationwide Health Screening

Employee Health Testing Programs

Professional Health Services (PHS) provides you with a full suite of possible employee health screenings, testings and health information documentation. All of our programs are designed to ensure full compliance with government mandated health testing programs and insurers, helping your company fulfill its obligations while promoting the health of your most important asset: your employees.

We offfer a wide range of physicial and clinic
management services that include:

• Coordination of medical services
• Billing management
• Data and record management
• Digital record keeping

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The right Set of Tests for Your Employees

Work with a Custom Program Designer to select the exact range of tests, screenings, and medical care services to keep your employees healthy while ensuring compliance with government mandated medical monitoring. Our services come to you where you need us most, whether that’s on-site at your facility or off-site anywhere in the country.

– Chest x-rays (PA, Lateral, and Oblique Views
– Pulmonary Function Screening
– Hearing Testing
– Vision Screening
– Resting Cardiogram
– A comprehensive menu of clinical blood and urine testing
– Heavy Metal Screens
– Drug screening
– Respirator fit and training
– Physician Examinations
– Medical Ev aluation and Workplace Fitness for Duty Statements
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